Meet dem dudes !

Here are some of the faces behind some of the regular postings. Might explain a few things. :-)

Hennie & Ronel Rautenbach with Rikus and Armand and Dave Immelman. Somewhere in Lesotho.

Phillip Sprules. Better known for introducing "green-stuff" to Braaigrid participants.

Heine de Villiers. Best known for his defence of the 2.8 Beemer.

Olaf Wagner. Also one of the "leave my 2.8 alone" guys. :-)

Vince Duggan. Better known for scaring animals away in his free-flowed V8. :-)

Greg Mollink. Greg drives a mean V8i Disco and is an enthusiast like the rest of us.

Paul and Lynette Oxley. What can I say ? Sure you know him... :-)

Eric Wolstencroft. Eric don't need no difflock.

Moolman Viviers and Jaco Rautenbach. Moolman makes fires, and Jaco pimps. :-)

Dave Immelman. Dave (chicks dig me in my shorty) Immelman is better known for his stint below... :-)

Awesome sh!t...

Sean Steyn. Sean recently acquired a 4-door Range Rover, and has a rather critical view of other brands. :-)